HydraMax 2-bucket System

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This Recirculating Deep Water Culture System includes:

  • Two 8-Gallon (30.3 liter) Buckets w/ legs
  • Two Lids w/ inspection port & cover
  • Two Venturi Circulators
  • Qwik-Lok Plumbing, and all necessary hoses and connectors
  • One Heavy Duty Pump Aqua Medic AC Runner 9.2
  • 2 x Root Halo Plant Support

Professional Performance, Personal Scale
Don’t let the size fool you – the HydraMax Home 2-Bucket RDWC System packs a punch when it comes to performance. Drawing inspiration from our renowned professional systems, this compact version retains the same advanced hydroponic technology that ensures optimal nutrient distribution, vigorous root development, and impressive plant growth.

Cultivate with Confidence
Whether you’re a novice grower or a seasoned expert, this system is tailored to elevate your growing experience. The simple setup and user-friendly design ensure that you can embark on your hydroponic journey without any hassle. It’s the perfect entry point for those looking to explore the world of hydroponics in the comfort of their own home. This system is meticulously designed to ensure optimal water and nutrient distribution, fostering rapid growth and robust yields. HydraMax provides cleaner grow environments, reduced labor and operational maintenance, as well as clean in place capabilities. Our patented Qwik-Lok plumbing provides extremely easy installation and reliability.

Space-Savvy Design
We understand the importance of space, especially when it comes to in-home applications. The HydraMax Home 2-Bucket RDWC System is thoughtfully designed to fit seamlessly into your living space, apartment, or office. Bring the beauty of cultivation indoors without compromising on quality or efficiency.

Your Personal Hydroponic Haven
Experience the joy of nurturing plants and witnessing their growth up close. This system is not just a cultivation tool; it’s a connection to nature that enhances your environment and quality of life. Whether you’re cultivating herbs, greens, or even small flowering plants, the HydraMax Home 2-Bucket RDWC System is your key to cultivating a thriving indoor garden. Our patented circulators provide the perfect mixture of air and water circulation to help your plants thrive – they also allow for highly efficient nutrient uptake to maximize plant growth.

HydraMax Quality, Home Convenience
At Hydra Unlimited, we’re committed to delivering excellence in hydroponic innovation. The HydraMax Home RDWC System is a testament to our dedication to bringing the benefits of hydroponics to every home, no matter the size. Discover the perfect harmony of professional-grade results and the intimacy of home cultivation.


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