Bluelab PH, Conductivity Cleaning & Calibration Kit

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PH & Conductivity Cleaning & Calibration Kit

Complete kit for cleaning, calibrating & storing pH & conductivity probes; probe care and cleaning extends the life of the probes & improves the accuracy of pH & EC (CF, TDS, PPM) for up and down settings.

General use for: greenhouse hydroponics, garden water, liquid fertiliser, plant soil, irrigation system, indoor plants grow and outdoor grow box cultivation.

The correct storage of pH probes in KCl solution ensures as accurate readings as possible and extends the life of a probe, no calibration required for EC probe, simple two-point calibration for pH probe.

Kit contains: 2 x 20 ml bags of KCl storage solution, calibration solution for pH 7.0, pH 4.0 & EC 2.77, 3 plastic cups, Bluelab pH probe and conductivity probe cleaner, chamois for cleaning the conductivity probe, brush for the pH probe and instructions (English language not guaranteed).

Developed and assembled in New Zealand from domestic and imported components from Bluelab, the market leader in hydroponic test device, built for growers.

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