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pH Up by Advanced Hydroponics of Holland is a pH correction liquid for growing marijuana in soil, coconut fiber or hydroponic media. The pH is the measure used to determine the level of acidity (low pH) or alkalinity (high pH) of a solution, in this case it is irrigation water with or without fertilizers and / or additives. Marijuana plants need to have the nutrients available within a pH range that will vary depending on the growing medium we use, if we are growing or flowering, variety, type of water, etc. pH Up by Advanced Hydroponics of Holland thanks to its stabilizers, will increase the pH level and keep it stable to the desired extent.

Plants that have difficulty assimilating nutrients due to a poorly adjusted PH tend to be more prone to attack by diseases, pests and their leaves, stems and flowers will show a stunted appearance, so don’t play it and get a product reliable as pH Up from Advanced Hydroponics of Holland with which you will be able to very easily increase the pH level and keep it stable throughout the crop, being the best product of these characteristics that you can use with the Dutch Formula and one of the best with other brands of fertilizers.

Shake the contents of the container well before use.
You should add a very little amount to the nutrient solution or irrigation water, wait for the PH to stabilize and check that we have achieved the desired value. We will repeat the operation until the optimal PH is achieved.

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