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The green revolution is here!

Co-Founder Aki Huck and Managing Director Anna Vollborth

Welcome to Green Cult, Europe’s premier source for innovative, industrial-grade hydroponic solutions. At Green Cult we are proud to offer the technologically leading, USA made, HydraMax hydroponic system to Europe, which will revolutionise the way you grow your plants. The HydraMax commitment to innovation, sustainability and precision makes the company a leader in the premium hydroponics industry.

The HydraMax Hydroponic System: Your Key to Success

Our flagship product, the HydraMax Hydroponic System, is at the heart of our products. We offer HOME, PRO and COMMERCIAL systems tailored to the individual needs of any grower or farm, from home enthusiasts to professionals to businesses. With the HydraMax system, you can achieve remarkable yields and unparalleled plant health, while saving resources and reducing environmental impact.

Beyond Hydroponics: Comprehensive Solutions for your Success

Green Cult is not just about hydroponic systems; we are your one-stop shop for all your growing needs. We offer a wide range of carefully selected products and services, including premium nutrients, automatic dosing systems, chillers, state-of-the-art measuring and monitoring technology and LED grow lights for best results. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and expertise you need for successful and sustainable growing.

Expanding Horizons: more articles to be added soon

As pioneers in the industry, we have our eyes firmly set on the future. Green Cult is committed to expanding its product offering to meet the evolving needs of its customers. We are actively working on expanding our range for the professional cannabis grower. Our aim is to offer growers and cultivators optimal as well as carefully selected peripherals to ensure that they always have or can obtain through us an advanced and efficient facility in this dynamic field.

Based in Ulm, Germany: Your reliable Partner

Based in Ulm, Germany, Green Cult is well positioned to serve our markets in Europe via short routes. Our dedicated team, led by Anna Vollborth and our Green Designer Aki Huck is committed to providing unparalleled support and expert advice to our clients.

The partial legalisation of cannabis in Germany is finally there!

With the legalisation of cannabis in Germany from April 2024, Green Cult is poised to become a trusted supplier to cannabis social clubs, also known as cultivation clubs, in addition to supplying medical cannabis businesses. We are prepared to meet the growing demand for high-quality, sustainable cultivation solutions, and we expect other European countries to follow in compliance with European laws. Private households using our hydroponic system for their own fruit, vegetable or cannabis needs are also well catered for with our HOME systems and our complete Growbox Sets.

At Green Cult, we are more than a hydroponics company; we are your partners in cultivating success. Join us on this exciting journey to a greener, more sustainable future of growing plants. Experience innovation, expertise and excellence like never before with Green Cult, your trusted hydroponics solutions provider.T