Download of information & guides


Get a quick overview of the HydraMax Recirculating Deep Water Culture Systems.

➥ PDF: HydraMax Deep Water Culture System Overview

Installation Guides

HydraMax systems are designed to be easy to set up and clean so you can start the growing process as fast as possible.

➥ PDF: HydraMax 2-row Installation Guide

➥ PDF: HydraMax 3-row Installation Guide

➥ PDF: HydraMax 4-row Installation Guide

Tips & Tricks

Grow Guides

There are many different grow styles and every grow has its own unique qualities. With this in mind, we have created this grow guide poster, based on research we have done and cultivators we have talked to, like you. 

➥ PDF: Poster Grow guide with recommended procedures

➥ PDF: Athena Fertiliser Scheme