From New Zealand to the world: Customisable and scalable solutions for growers

The art of growing for a healthier world

For too long, the pressure to grow crops for the planet’s exploding population has led to widespread unsustainable agricultural practices and broken food systems.

Controlled agriculture is the solution, and we believe in growing in a better way – the right way. After all, plants hold the key to solving many of the world’s biggest problems.

The most important moment is the day you first learn how to grow, so we’ll start by pulling down the barriers to controlled environment agriculture through robust educational resources.

For those already on the journey, we’ll help raise the standard of growing to the perfect balance: high-quality yields with minimal impact and waste.

We will never lose sight of our product vision. After all, all craftsmen need the right tools for the job, and we’ll continue to provide state-of-the-art products that will unlock your plants’ full potential.

We embark on this journey knowing that the road to a healthier world is a marathon, not a sprint, and we know that we will only win this race by working together.

Grow your understanding so that you can grow better plants. The Grow Book is Bluelab’s educational resource on introductory growing science written by Dustin P Meador, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Center for Applied Horticultural Research, and Leila Jones, Chemistry and Genetics graduate. 

Chapters include knowledge, helpful diagrams and resources on:

  • Plant nutrition
  • pH and nutrient availability
  • Printable charts for your grow room
  • Making sense of conductivity
  • Water quality
  • And more

With 42 pages of value, the Bluelab Grow Book will be your constant growing companion.