The Green Cult booth at the ICBC 2023 in Berlin

Green Cult, as a reseller of the revolutionary HydraMax hydroponic system, made its grand debut at the esteemed International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) held in Berlin at the end of June 2023. The two-day event, hosted at the magnificent Estrel conference hotel, showcased over 400 exhibitors from 80 countries, providing a platform for them to present their offerings on a sprawling 15,000m2 exhibition space. Alongside the exhibition, attendees were treated to enlightening lectures and group discussions on various cannabis-related topics in the esteemed Speakers Hall.

The anticipation preceding the conference was rewarded with unforgettable experiences. The evening prior to the event, attendees mingled at a mesmerizing rooftop party, where the lofty heights provided a breathtaking view of Berlin from the top and a picturesque sunset. The conference’s first day culminated in a VIP event at the Estrel Hotel’s auditorium, featuring renowned headliner Jim Belushi and an enthralling band.

For Green Cult, the conference proved to be an intriguing and fruitful experience from two distinct perspectives. Firstly, it posed the question: who are the primary consumers of our products? Given the uncertainty surrounding the legal framework in Germany, private individuals, whether home growers or cannabis clubs, remain cautious and unable to act decisively. However, medical cannabis companies enjoy a distinct advantage, being permitted to cultivate and even import cannabis. Many of these companies maintain subsidiaries that engage in large-scale cultivation and processing of medical cannabis in facilities located in Southern Europe, Thailand, or South Africa, subsequently supplying the German market.

Secondly, the conference offered a valuable opportunity to delve into the workings of the industry itself. Notably, American-Canadian companies demonstrated exceptional professionalism, with many already establishing distinctive branding and surpassing the progress envisioned by German legislation. While Germany’s draft CannabG (Cannabis Delivery Act) modestly suggests allowing three plants per adult over the age of 21, the United States boasts an array of cannabis-infused edible products (such as lollypops, gummies, sweets, biscuits, and cakes) as well as specialized vaping devices and disposable joints encased in convenient plastic sleeves. Such advancements have yet to register on the radar of German legislative bodies.

Apart from the discoveries about the industry’s dynamics, attendees observed a remarkable camaraderie and collaborative atmosphere among its participants. A culture of support and information sharing permeated the event, exemplifying an industry poised for significant growth without succumbing to cutthroat competition. The event welcomed individuals of all ages, from young, dynamic start-up visionaries to seasoned sales professionals determined to revolutionize the industry through their pioneering spirit. Despite the palpable enthusiasm, an underlying sense of uncertainty prevailed concerning the regulatory landscape. The latest information suggests that mid-August may bring a long-awaited breakthrough, but with the current government and the arduous parliamentary process in Germany, the reliability of such projections remains uncertain.

Conclusion: Green Cult’s participation at ICBC Berlin marked an important milestone, introducing the HydraMax hydroponic system to the cannabis industry outside of the US. The conference offered valuable insights into the preferences of the target audience and the industry’s advancements abroad. Moreover, it highlighted the welcoming and collaborative nature of the industry’s players, fueling anticipation for an impending regulatory transformation. As the industry’s future unfolds, Green Cult remains at the forefront, eager to shape and contribute to the dynamic cannabis landscape.

Here’s a link to the official ICBC ‘Impressions’ video.