We at Green Cult are making it official: we are the importer and sales point for the cool indoor hydroponic systems of the US manufacturer Hydra Unlimited for Europe. These innovative hydroponic systems are ideal for growing high-quality cannabis as well as vegetables, herbs, and fruits. In our new online shop, we currently offer complete sets consisting of containers, connection hoses, Qwik-Loc closures, and pumps, in addition to many individual parts. This means you can get started right away: assemble, add water, fill the net pots with our innovative medium Tetrabase, and then insert the small plants. Of course, you also need to pay attention to the water temperature and pH value, but we have developed a detailed cultivation poster that makes the processes very easy to implement. You can download this poster here.

Soon we will expand our range to include all the necessary and useful peripherals such as plant lighting, water chillers, nutrients, and much more. Green Cult helps you maximize the benefits of your systems. Share your experiences with us so that we know how we can help you further. For this purpose we have created our virtual expert Tom Green. You can mail him any time at tom@green-cult.com , so if you have any questions, comments or suggestions to improve our service, just reach out to him.

Let’s take a closer look: Green Cult distributes recirculating deep water culture systems from HydraMax, which offer incredible advantages to every grower. The patented systems use a closed-loop system that saves up to 70% water consumption. The system constantly provides the roots with oxygen from below (without additional compressor), and in combination with an even distribution of nutrients across all containers, you can expect up to 30% higher yield! And our innovative Tetrabase medium made from 100% recycled material provides the necessary support for the plants. The nature of the medium also means that pests and bacteria cannot and will not nest anywhere. After each harvest, the entire system is flushed once and ready for use again. That’s what we call long-term reusability.

With the HydraMax system, you can achieve turbo growth and bring cannabis plants to bloom in 12-14 weeks, which means at least 3 or more harvests distributed over the year! And if you want to expand your system, the scalability of the system up to 32 containers ensures long-term profit growth. It is also possible to go bigger, but in this case we should discuss together a plant planning for larger plantations and how to increase the yield to the maximum.

Since May 1, 2023, Green Cult has been online with our shop. Currently, our shop is available in two languages, with more languages planned for the future. Through our blog “Let’s talk Green,” we provide interested growers with tips and tricks for efficient cannabis cultivation.

Our large systems are ideal for large-scale medical cannabis growers who value a clean growing environment, consistent quality, and high yields. With the upcoming legalisation of cannabis cultivation for private growers in Germany and other countries, our systems are optimally aligned for cannabis social clubs and private users. We are confident that cannabis can be grown safely and efficiently with HydraMax systems and look forward to helping all growers achieve the best possible results.

Green Cult stands for quality and sustainability. In this spirit – Let’s talk Green.