pH level meter with Cannabis leaf

If you’re wondering what pH and PPM are and how they pertain to the plants in your grow room, here’s an easy-to-understand explanation:

  • pH – refers to the potential of hydrogen ions in your water, which will determine if your water is too acidic or has too much alkaline in it.
  • PPM (parts per million) – refers to the concentration of minerals and soluble matter in your watering solution.

Correct pH and PPM levels are the backbone of any grow room or grow tent. Making sure your plants’ levels are balanced often means the difference between a healthy harvest and weak, unhealthy plants.

The acidity in the water you use in your grow room determines the properties of your plants and grow medium. You’ll want your plants’ nutrients to be a little acidic — otherwise they can’t break down. Too much acidity, though, and your nutrients can become toxic.

So always keep in mind:

  • A pH that’s too low will be toxic to your plants.
  • A pH that’s too high means stunted growth.
  • The ideal acidity you want in your water is between 6.0 to 6.5

pH meter calibration is crucial to making sure your pH reading is correct. We recommend multiple ways to test and compare readings.